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Questions on Vidya-mitra

What is procedure to submit the content

The contributors who are willing to contribute their contents can fill-up an online form available at the following URL. After checking the details the vidya-mitra team will contact the concerned person for further course of action. https://vidyamitra.inflibnet.ac.in/index.php/contribute_content.

what is the criteria to submit the content

The content should be based on the entire course. Please note that the partial and plagiarized content will not be accepted.

Which kind of content would be submitted

Contributors can submit textual documents and video contents.

what is benefit to submit the content

Vidya-Mitra is a one stop search portal for all the projects developed under NMEICT and the contributors would get an opportunity to populate their work by availing free hosting services on Vidya-Mitra portal. It will also help the content coordinators to increase their footprint and visibility

what is URL

URL is https://vidyamitra.inflibnet.ac.in/

Any Certificate would be provided by the INFLIBNET

There is no predefined certificate for submitting the content. However, the Centre would acknowledge the content submission over email.

Is there any financial help from INFLIBNET

No. There is no provision of financial help or assistance for developing / hosting content. The content will be hosted on Vidya-Mitra without any financial burden to the contributor.

why copyrights & undertaking

The content hosted on Vidya-Mitra portal is published under Creative Commons CCBY-SA license and therefore have to provide copyrights and undertaking for hosting content on Vidya-mitra. Please note that the content will only be hosted if Copyright and undertaking is submitted.

what is course coordinator

The course coordinator is a person under whose guidance the entire course have been prepared by multiple content writers

what is content writer

Content writer is a person who is entrusted the responsibility to develop textual and video content for few topics.

what is nature of content

The nature of content means textual documents, audio-visual materials and additional reading material accompanied with the content.

what is e-text

An e-text is a self-explanatory textual material on a given topic / lecture /module.

Whether reviewer is compulsory

It is mandatory to review the content for enhancing quality of content.

Mode of submission of content

The content can be submitted through various mode depending upon the size of content. If the size is less, it can be shared using Google Drive with the following email ID: content@inflibnet.ac.in If size is high, it is requested to send data in Pen drive or portable hard disk.

Originality of the submitted e-contents

The content submitted for the Vidya Mitra should not contain any instances of plagiarism.

What is the difference between Vidya Mitra and e-PG Pathshala?

ePG Pathshala is a completed project of MoE under its National Mission on Education through ICT (NME-ICT) being executed by the UGC. It provides e-content in 70 post graduate subjects in open access. Whereas Vidya-mitra is an Integrated e-Content Portal provides a platform to the higher educational institutions faculty to submit their academic content without any financial obligations.